Holiday Jewelry

Run Wild Cheetah Studs.
Photo via Kate Spade.
Run Wild Cheetah Ring.
Photo via Kate Spade.
Shine On Cluster Studs.
Photo via Kate Spade.

The Holidays are coming!  I am very excited !  God Willing, I am really looking forward to celebrating them with my Parents and 4 sisters.  I Hope to start planning my holiday outfits soon.

I Hope to make lots of jewelry suggestions.  These 3 pieces by Kate Spade are festive and sophisticated.   Unfortunately, both pairs of earrings weigh over 4 grams!  The Cheetah pair are lighter than the Shine On Cluster Studs.   The Shine On Cluster Studs come in different colors.   Both Pairs will easily take you from day to night!

On a personal note, I have been unwell!  I even went to the ER.  What I learned is that I should carry a very small carry on in the trunk of my car.  Extra clothing is always a good idea.  Especially for an impromptu trip to the hospital!  Can’t wait to shop for an inexpensive carry on for the trunk of my car.


Pearl Earrings

Hi Everyone!  Sorry I have been gone for a while!  I’ve been sad about all the natural disasters out there.  I Pray that everyone is well!  It’s times like these that make you reflect about what is really important in Life.  God, Family , health.  I am grateful for all 3 of these!  Please choose what you are grateful for in your life and give thanks.  I realize we don’t all believe in the same things.  That’s fine, but we can still be grateful for what we do have!

On to earrings, I purchased these Marco Bicego earrings about 4 monthes ago.  I tried to lie to my sisters and said that they were not a new purchase!  I tried to say they were an old pair that my Mother gave me.  It didn’t work.  They know I’m a degenerate shopper!  I got them at a really good price on Gilt!

Chapstick total hydration + tint / Happiness at Target

I have been searching for the new Tinted Chapstick colors everywhere!  I finally found the House Red shade at Target.  I had already purchased the Pink Nude and Hello Bordeaux shades on Ebay 2 weeks ago.

Im a sucker for tinted lip balms!  I have many !  So far, I can honestly say that the ones from Chapstick rival all the pricer ones.  They are sheer, creamy, and the colors are gorgeous!  My only complaint is that the top of the actual balm is concave .  That makes it a little on the messy side to apply.  

I really enjoy shopping at Target.  I love their health and beauty dept.  I buy all my health and beauty aids there.  I love that I can buy tinted lip balms there as well as bubble bath.  The prices are reasonable, the selections are outstanding!

I also purchased the 2017 Fall Harper’s Bazaar.  Harper’s is one of my favorite fashion magazines.  I love that the magazine always features lots of shoes, handbags and jewelry.  I love to read the articles as well.

I read an article on jewelry purchases in Harper’s that just got me totally interested in jewelry!  Thank you Glenda Bailey and Harper’s Bazaar for all the inspiration and hours of enjoyment that I get from your magazine!

Temple St Clair Earrings

I have this pair of Temple St Clair earrings in the light blue sapphires.  However, I have always wanted this version.  These earrings have mixed color, rose cut sapphires.  They are available by special order from Temple St Clair.  Temple St Clair will special order items that aren’t currently being made.  I Love a jeweler that will work with you!

18k Spiral Cluster Earrings.
Photo via Temple St Clair.

Coach Picks

I Love handbags!  I carried a handbag as a toddler.  My Mother bought me bags in all colors.

Unfortunately, Im not able to purchase as many as I’d like.  Handbags have gotten really, super expensive!  There quite a few brands that make really nice handbags under $600.  Coach is one of them.  These are 2 of my current picks.  They are a little on the small side but I love them just the same.  I would use them daily regardless of what color my clothes may be.

Coach Dylan Crossbody with embossed planet. Photo via Coach Website.
Coach Dylan Crossbody with embossed Rexy. Photo via Coach Website.

Loren Stewart Skull Safety Pin Earrings

14k Loren Stewart Skull Safety Pin Earrings.

I have been very busy all week!  I have been wearing these skull safety pin earrings by Loren Stewart all week.  They are so light that I haven’t felt the need to weigh them.  I have even bathed and slept in them.  The earrings are so light and comfortable that I have forgotten that I had them on!

These light weight , edgy earrings are 14k yellow gold.  I purchased mine at Barney’s 3 years ago.  They are also available at Loren Stewart.

Jewelry Storage

I found this 8 compartment jewelry and pill case by Equate at Walmart.  These cases are perfect to store studs and a ring in.  I keep an earring in each compartment.  I do this so the earrings don’t scratch.  Just make sure you don’t smash an earring!  Make sure the compartment is deep enough before you close the lid!

I bought several for myself and one for each of my sisters.   3 of my sisters are going to France in September, God Willing.  They plan on using the case for their earrings.  I think these cases are perfect for travel as well as every day storage.

Jewelry and pill compartment storage by Equate.

Want Les Essentiels

OHare Tote photo via Want Les Essentiels.
Mini Piper photo via Want Les Essentiels.

I am so in Love with this brand!  It’s so chic, streamlined and cosmopolitan all at once!  Want Les Essentiels have a boutique in NYC.  They are also sold at Barney’s New York.  I enjoy the Want Les Esstentiels Website.  It has information on the designers and what inspires them.  Check out the website!  These are my picks!