Earrings, necklaces and rings

I LOVE earrings, they are my favorite type of jewelry to wear.  You can put them and forget about them, if you are wearing a lightweight pair.  They can take you from day to night , work to cocktails, and frame your face.   I favor studs and dangles.

I prefer yellow gold because the color of the metal stays the same and no maintenance is required.  I am very low maintenance.  I buy silver earrings occasionally if the earring is spectacular.

I Love necklaces too, but they would wind up competing with my earrings and I can’t have that.  I will feature necklaces that I would love to buy if I had the extra cash.  I always feel that my money is better spent on earrings.

I don’t have too many rings. I work in a warehouse packing auto parts and would only ding  them to death.  Then I would be heartbroken.  I will feature a few rings here and there as well as share photos of the few that I own.

I believe that women should buy their own jewelry and not wait around for someone to buy it for them.  The wait may be long!  I hate to wait.  Ladies, do not be afraid of buying fine jewelry!  If you buy the right pieces, you get a lot of wear out of your jewelry.  Also, your jewelry goes everywhere with you.  You park your car and put down your handbag.  Your shoes are way down there, gotta look down.  Your jewelry is center stage and goes where you go!