John Hardy Jewelry

L-My own two headed tiger
ring. R- My own green amethyst ring. The earrings
are milky quartz and sterling silver. All by John Hardy.

I very seldom buy sterling silver jewelry. Especially rings. The times that I do, it’s because the pieces are outstanding! John Hardy makes outstanding jewelry. The attention to detail is insane.
Two of my favorite rings are by John Hardy. The first is my double headed tiger ring. It’s part of the Legends Macan Collection. It has been reissued since. The new version has gemstone eyes. I wish I could afford it in 18k! These rings rival the Cartier panther rings. John Hardy 18k gold is very affordable compared to other jewelers. The second ring, I was fortunate to find at Last Call during a John Hardy Trunk Show. It has a wide band and a green amethyst. I wear it on my middle finger as it is too big for my ring finger.
I am very Happy with my purchases and recommend John Hardy Jewelry .

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