H. Stern

My small Rock Season wing studs. Star detail on clamp!
Studs from The Pearls of Genesis Collection . Center, small studs from The Genesis Collection.
L- Wearing my small Rock Season wings. R- Large Rock Season wing studs.

I love H.Stern jewelry. I have a pair of small Rock Season earrings. They are very beautiful and light weight! Under 4 grams each. I just wish I could have them in 18k yellow gold with white diamond pave. They are so beautiful, I purchased as they are made, in Noble Gold with champagne diamond pave.

On my wish list are earrings from The Genesis Collection. I want the small 3 star cluster studs. These earrings also come in Noble Gold. Noble Gold is H. Stern’s own alloy. It is very beautiful, between yellow and white gold. That way you can mix with either metal.

I know some people feel that you only pay for the name when you purchase designer jewelry. What people don’t realize is that you pay for exquisite workmanship, great attention to detail and the designer’s own gold alloy.

I strongly suggest you examine and/ or buy a piece of jewelry from H.Stern and you will find that you purchased more than the name!

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