New earrings and Dexter season premiere

I always want a new pair of earrings and am always on the lookout .  My birthday comes, I want a new pair.   4th of July, I want a new pair!  Unfortunately,   wanting isn’t always getting!

I really enjoyed watching Dexter and always wanted a new pair to wear for every season premiere.  I got lucky in 2013 and managed to get a new pair at a great price from Asia Gem Connection.   I Happily wore my grey sapphire and diamond pave studs and had some iced tea (my beverage of choice), and candy for the season 8 premiere.

Dexter is a very good show with lots of dark humor.  I enjoyed every season, some more than others of course.  Every villain was perfect for his/her role.  I Love that all the gory stuff happened off screen.  I’m squeamish and can’t stand gore.  The show is a journey that you experience with Dexter.  He dates, gets married, etc…  Watch it if you haven’t already.

Also, if you have specific jewelry design, contact Asia Gem Connection.  Jamie and Ellen are very helpful and will help fulfill your dream jewelry at a reasonable price.  They sell safety pin earrings in all gold karats and  in sterling silver with your pave of choice in your size of choice.

Be very specific and do your own research on gemstones and treatments.  I have researched regardless of whom I am dealing with.  The more communication you have regarding your order specifics, the Happier you will be with your piece!  Jamie and Ellen are great to work with!

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