Sometimes, I don’t have the cash or credit on my cards to buy
earrings and things. That is when all of a sudden I run into a great
deal! But what to do??? That’s when AFFIRM comes to my rescue!

AFFIRM allows you to pay for purchases in easy to make monthly installments.     12 monthly payments and you know upfront how much interest you pay! Also,you can make your payments on your cellphone and iPad. Just download the app! AFFIRM even sends payment reminders via text and email.

Some online merchants offer AFFIRM at checkout. If the merchant doesn’t , you can apply for a virtual credit card .  The virtual credit card can only be used online. I have purchased using AFFIRM at Therealreal, Portero Luxury and Tiffany online. I Pray to buy a Gucci bag next using an Affirm virtual credit card. I Love AFFIRM!

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