Bella Jack Pineapple Studs


I think these earrings are very glamorous. The glamour factor is in their size. They are easily seen because of their size. L-front, R-back and front.

I was running really late for work one day last week! I still had a 25 min commute to work to make, buy lunch at In&Out, and have enough time to eat comfortably before work. I was in such a hurry that i forgot to put on my earrings! The horror! What to do?

Praise The Lord, there was no traffic and no long line at IN&Out! I managed to have enough time to stop at TJMaxx! I purchased these Bella Jack pineapple studs for $14.99 plus tax. I really like them, they are very light for the size. Each stud weighs a mere 3.35 grams with the clamp.

I like my costume jewelry to look like costume jewelry. I think these are beautiful, whimsical and summery. Although I would still wear them in the Winter.

I really enjoy shopping at TJMaxx. I refer to it as the Nordstrom of Manteca.

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