Sometimes, life is not all jewelry, handbags and shoes,  and not always glamorous!  There are little issues to care for that must be handled appropriately!

Disabilities, skin problems , diseases , paying for mundane yet very important things!

Every year, Praise The Lord, I pay my auto insurance in full .  I pay it using my tax return.  I would rather purchase handbags, shoes and jewelry!  However mundane auto insurance is, it’s important!

Sometimes, a loved one or someone you know has a skin problem because a roll on the belly doesn’t get enough air.  Dermoplast  will help keep problem areas clean.  Its an antibiotic spray you can purchase in most every first aid dept.  I bought it originally for my Father to spray on my Mother, should she have a cut.

Dermoplast works very well !  It is pricey depending on where you buy it.  I purchase ours at Target.  We use the red can.  I strongly reccomend Dermoplast!

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