Edgy Pearls

I have a very hard time spending money on any gemstones under 7 on the Mohs scale!  I prefer any gemstones to be 7 and up.  However, I still love pearls and want a pair of pearl earrings desperately!

My problem is I am very picky.  I prefer that the pearls either be bezel set or have prongs.  No pearls set in silver.  I don’t want to accidently get silver polish on my pearls.

These pearl earrings by H.Stern fit my criteria and are on my list to purchase.  They have prongs, small diamonds, set in 18k noble gold.  I can also either wear as studs or attach the 2nd pearl for a dangly effect.  Also, the price is great considering you are getting two styles in one.  Not pictured is the clamp.  It is very charming.  H.Stern hung a little white sapphire charms to the earring clamps.

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