Brown Sugar & Fig

I really enjoy wearing fragrance on a daily basis.  I apply fragrance after every bath, even on days off.

This weekend I am wearing Brown Sugar & Fig by Bath & Bodyworks.  They are having a semi-annual sale.  I made sure to stock up as this is one of their retired fragrances.  Hopefully, it will be made available again at the next sale.

I really LOVE Bath & Bodyworks!  All of the fragrances are long lasting.  Long Lasting is very important to me as I work long hours in a warehouse.  I use Bath & Bodyworks lotions and creams as a base for my fragrance.  The lotions tend to enhance the eau de toilettes that I wear.   I have been wearing Aqua Di Gioia lately with any fruity or oceanic lotion by Bath & Bodyworks.   I mix a fruity B&BW lotion with any fresh eau de toilette .   If I wear Candy by Prada, I would wear any vanilla lotion by B&BW.

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