Ippolita Earrings and Ring

These amethyst , Ippolita earrings and ring were purchased at different times.  Years apart actually!  I purchased the ring in 2008 .  The earrings I purchased for my birthday in 2016.

I’m very Happy with the ring.  The earrings I love but each weighs a little over 4.10 grams.  I had called Ippolita to ask about the weight .  I was told they weighed under 4 grams each with the clamp on.  I would have returned them , but Neiman Marcus went to a lot of trouble to get them for me.  The Ladies at Neiman’s Walnut Creek are especially helpful.  They make every shopping experience a pleasant experience!  I have made all my purchases by phone and have yet to meet them.  I have very little free time on my hands.  Work and Family obligations take most of time.  I really value the sales ladies at Neiman’s Walnut Creek!  Especially Nora!

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