Pearl Earrings

Hi Everyone!  Sorry I have been gone for a while!  I’ve been sad about all the natural disasters out there.  I Pray that everyone is well!  It’s times like these that make you reflect about what is really important in Life.  God, Family , health.  I am grateful for all 3 of these!  Please choose what you are grateful for in your life and give thanks.  I realize we don’t all believe in the same things.  That’s fine, but we can still be grateful for what we do have!

On to earrings, I purchased these Marco Bicego earrings about 4 monthes ago.  I tried to lie to my sisters and said that they were not a new purchase!  I tried to say they were an old pair that my Mother gave me.  It didn’t work.  They know I’m a degenerate shopper!  I got them at a really good price on Gilt!

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