My Dream Jewelry Box 1

I Really Love jewelry by Dezso.  Sara Beltran is the designer.  I have yet to purchase a piece .  I’m dying to buy something from Dezso!  The jewelry is inspired by the beach and the sea.  I would wear my pieces year round!

Dezso jewelry is made in 18k rose gold.  I feel that the jewelry is very well priced for the workmanship you buy.  Many of the pendants are made of carved gemstones.  There is also enamel incorporated in the designs.  Please follow Dezso on Instagram and check out the website.  I follow Dezso and am never disappointed!

Photo via @dezsobysb
Photo via @dezsobysb
The Dezso earrings I’m dying to own! 18k rose gold, diamonds and sapphire studs. check out the enamel. Photo via @dezsobysb.


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