Gourmet Deluxe Bento Set By Built NY

I purchased this gorgeous and very useful bento box by Built NY.  I can use it for cold and hot lunches.  It comes with cutlery, salad dressing container, ice pack, and removable dividers.  I am so in Love!  I purchased mine at TJ Maxx .  

I pack a lunch for the most part.  My lunch is a 1/2 hour so I don’t have much time to go out for lunch.  Also, I always try to economize so that I can spend on earrings and handbags.

This nifty bento box solves the where to carry my utensils problem.  Please check out the Built NY website.  They also carry lunch bags and other things that will make packing lunches easier.

My favorite purchase of the year! Photo via Built NY.
My future purchase ! Photo via Built NY.

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