More From Juler’s Row

I really Love this line!  The jewelry is so gorgeous, wearable and well priced!  If I could, I would buy every piece in this post.  I would request the button earrings in red, white and blue though.  Also, bigger!  I would like one earring in 15mm and the other in 17mm.  If I had even more money, I would request in all 14k.

Seriously, visit the website.  Anything not shown on the site, just ask!  Julie takes requests and the enamel comes in all colors!

Photo via @julersrow.
Love every single piece in this photo!
Photo via @julersrow.
Love, Love these studs!
They are so whimsical!
Photo via @julersrow.
I think these earrings are gorgeous! I love the faceted white topaz.

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