Temple St Clair Earrings

I have this pair of Temple St Clair earrings in the light blue sapphires.  However, I have always wanted this version.  These earrings have mixed color, rose cut sapphires.  They are available by special order from Temple St Clair.  Temple St Clair will special order items that aren’t currently being made.  I Love a jeweler that will work with you!

18k Spiral Cluster Earrings.
Photo via Temple St Clair.

Coach Picks

I Love handbags!  I carried a handbag as a toddler.  My Mother bought me bags in all colors.

Unfortunately, Im not able to purchase as many as I’d like.  Handbags have gotten really, super expensive!  There quite a few brands that make really nice handbags under $600.  Coach is one of them.  These are 2 of my current picks.  They are a little on the small side but I love them just the same.  I would use them daily regardless of what color my clothes may be.

Coach Dylan Crossbody with embossed planet. Photo via Coach Website.
Coach Dylan Crossbody with embossed Rexy. Photo via Coach Website.

Loren Stewart Skull Safety Pin Earrings

14k Loren Stewart Skull Safety Pin Earrings.

I have been very busy all week!  I have been wearing these skull safety pin earrings by Loren Stewart all week.  They are so light that I haven’t felt the need to weigh them.  I have even bathed and slept in them.  The earrings are so light and comfortable that I have forgotten that I had them on!

These light weight , edgy earrings are 14k yellow gold.  I purchased mine at Barney’s 3 years ago.  They are also available at Loren Stewart.

Jewelry Storage

I found this 8 compartment jewelry and pill case by Equate at Walmart.  These cases are perfect to store studs and a ring in.  I keep an earring in each compartment.  I do this so the earrings don’t scratch.  Just make sure you don’t smash an earring!  Make sure the compartment is deep enough before you close the lid!

I bought several for myself and one for each of my sisters.   3 of my sisters are going to France in September, God Willing.  They plan on using the case for their earrings.  I think these cases are perfect for travel as well as every day storage.

Jewelry and pill compartment storage by Equate.

Want Les Essentiels

OHare Tote photo via Want Les Essentiels.
Mini Piper photo via Want Les Essentiels.

I am so in Love with this brand!  It’s so chic, streamlined and cosmopolitan all at once!  Want Les Essentiels have a boutique in NYC.  They are also sold at Barney’s New York.  I enjoy the Want Les Esstentiels Website.  It has information on the designers and what inspires them.  Check out the website!  These are my picks!

Safety Pin Earrings From Gillian Conroy

I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Gillian Conroy shop in New York yet.  I would love to visit NY and her shop.  I have had the pleasure of visiting her website.  I Love it!  It is very informative and charming.  I don’t own any of her jewelry yet!  These safety pin earrings are at the top of my list!  They are edgy and classic at the same time.  The classic part is that they are round at the bottom so they sit like a hoop.  The safety pin earring is sold as a single so if you want a pair buy 2.  Gillian offers her earrings in different metals too!  I have many more Gillian Conroy picks, more on those later!

If you live in NY, go to her shop!  If you cant make it there, please visit her website!

Photo via Gillian Conroy Website.
Photo via Gillian Conroy Website.

Bric’s Riccione Carry On Neiman Marcus

I very seldom travel.  Finances, Family obligations and fear of flying are deterrents.   I believe in being ready regardless of deterrents.   I always have my eyes open for sales on items I will need in the future.

Today, I purchased this gorgeous Bric’s Riccione 21″ carry on.  I purchased online @Neiman Marcus.   Neiman’s has good sales.  Don’t let the prices keep you from looking!  You never know what you will find at an outstanding price.  You can also find an item that will enhance an otherwise basic outfit.  An accessory that will satisfy a cost per wear ratio.

Bric’s Riccione 21″ carry on purchased online @Neiman Marcus.

Dr. Martens Sandals and Favilla II Soft Buck

I did not know Dr. Martens made such cute sandals and slip on bucks!  I’m seriously thinking about buying the Romi Sandals!  They looks so comfortable and stylish.  The available colors are pink, red and black.  I want the pink pair!

I’m purchasing the Favilla II Soft Buck in black.  They also come in dark red and all grey.  Wish I could afford all 3 pairs!

Photos courtesy of Dr. Martens.

DR. Martens Romi Sandals.
Dr. Martens Favilla II Sof Buck. I Hope to wear them all Fall/Winter.