Miu Miu Earrings

I Love Miu Miu Everything!  Especially Miu Miu handbags and jewelry and shoes.  I get more use out of accessories .  These 2 earrings are my Miu Miu picks.  They are from the Micro Jewelry Group.  They are nickel free and are embellished with Swarovski crystals.  

Visit the Miu Miu Website and prepare to be enchanted!

I love stars. Photo via Miu Miu.
I’m especially enamored of this pair! Photo via Miu Miu.

Holiday Eating Strategy

The holidays are upon us!  What to do?  Fattening food and desserts everywhere!

My strategy will be to have a salad every night for dinner.  I prefer a cucumber salad.  However, I don’t always make time to cut up cucumbers before I leave for work.  I’m going to try.    I will eat shredded lettuce from lettuce express on the days when I can’t .  I add Spanish olives( or any olives), croutons, sunflower seeds and shredded Romano cheese.  I prefer a vinaigrette dressing.  I especially like Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette.

I won’t deny myself something sweet if I have the taste for it.  I’ll just eat my sweets in moderation.  In my experience, denial leads to binging.

Please share any holiday eating strategies!  Let’s all fit into our holiday clothes !

Photo Via Citygirlinredlipstick.
if you like red lipstick , please
follow her.  Photo taken by Citygirl in Switzerland 2017.

My Dream Jewelry Box 1

I Really Love jewelry by Dezso.  Sara Beltran is the designer.  I have yet to purchase a piece .  I’m dying to buy something from Dezso!  The jewelry is inspired by the beach and the sea.  I would wear my pieces year round!

Dezso jewelry is made in 18k rose gold.  I feel that the jewelry is very well priced for the workmanship you buy.  Many of the pendants are made of carved gemstones.  There is also enamel incorporated in the designs.  Please follow Dezso on Instagram and check out the website.  I follow Dezso and am never disappointed!

Photo via @dezsobysb
Photo via @dezsobysb
The Dezso earrings I’m dying to own! 18k rose gold, diamonds and sapphire studs. check out the enamel. Photo via @dezsobysb.


A VERY Glamorous Pair of Earrings by Moritz Glik

Photo via @Moritzglik.

I am MADLY in love with these earrings by Moritz Glik!  They are 18k yellow gold with diamonds housed in white sapphire cases.   Check out the facets on the sapphire cases!   I have yet to see these little masterpieces in person but I know they are right up my alley!  I love that the earrings fasten in the back so you don’t need the plastic ear nuts.

Moritz Glik is an award winning jeweler!  He is also a master bench jeweler!  Best of all, he takes special orders!  Read about him here!

Black and White Enamel Rings and Earrings

I have a black and white enamel ring that I love from Banana Republic.  I purchased it years ago.  I have always wished that it were made in a precious metal and not costume.  My wish came true!  Juler’s Row makes 3 black and white enamel rings.   2 of the rings feature a faceted white topaz.  There is also a pair of b&w enamel earrings.  They are available in sterling silver with gold vermeil and in 14k gold.

Juler’s Row also offers jewelry renderings on prints, pillows, totes bags and wallpaper.  Please check out the website and the Instagram account .  I Love the rings and earrings!  Now I just have to work on my finances!

Photo via @Julersrow.
Photo via @Julersrow.


Kate Spade Gnome Clutch

Photo via Kate Spade.

I fell in LOVE with the Kate Spade Blaze A Trail Gnome Clutch.  I also fell MADLY IN LOVE with the video that featured the clutch, Anna Kendrick, Gloria Steinem and The Russian Tearoom!

The clutch is no longer available at Kate Spade, however the video still is!  I LOVE, LOVE the video!  It’s my favorite in The Missadventure series by Kate Spade.  Watch them all!  I did buy the clutch.

Underseat Luggage

I purchased this Delsey Underseat Carry-on from Bloomingdales.com .  I got it 60% off!  I plan on keeping it in the trunk of my car.  It’s smaller than a carry-on. 

I have been wanting to purchase one ever since my impromptu visit to the ER and brief hospital stay in September of this year.  It has wheels so I don’t have to carry it.  Very important when you are really sick.

I plan on packing it with t-shirts from Uniqlo, jeans, and extra undergarments and shoes.  I’m thinking a light pair of tennis shoes.

Photo via Bloomingdales.com.
Photo via Bloomingdales.com.
Photo via Uniqlo.com .

I have learned from this experience not to judge people that walk really slow or people that are overweight and on disability.  I’ve never been judgmental about weight problems as I’ve always carried an extra 10-15 pounds.

Some people are on medications that make them gain weight and make it impossible to build muscle.  Also, I am not a doctor and can’t possibly diagnose someone.

I was put on short term disability for 3 weeks.  I felt like shit!  I was afraid some nights that I was going to have to call 911.  I didn’t want to scare my Parents.

My work provides me with short term disability for 1 week because I was in the hospital.  The insurance adjuster was nice enough.  My only complaint was when she asked me what I was going to do in my time off.  The Doctor had extended me 1 more week.  I responded that I was going to take my meds, stay hydrated and rest so I could return to work.  This short term disability is meant to cover my 7 day wait period before the State kicks in.

Also, a lady from EDD questioned how the Doctor could possibley know when I would be ready to return to work by a certain date?  I tell you, everyone wants to be a doctor these days!

I Hope everyone is wearing their jewelry in good health!

Holiday Jewelry

Run Wild Cheetah Studs.
Photo via Kate Spade.
Run Wild Cheetah Ring.
Photo via Kate Spade.
Shine On Cluster Studs.
Photo via Kate Spade.

The Holidays are coming!  I am very excited !  God Willing, I am really looking forward to celebrating them with my Parents and 4 sisters.  I Hope to start planning my holiday outfits soon.

I Hope to make lots of jewelry suggestions.  These 3 pieces by Kate Spade are festive and sophisticated.   Unfortunately, both pairs of earrings weigh over 4 grams!  The Cheetah pair are lighter than the Shine On Cluster Studs.   The Shine On Cluster Studs come in different colors.   Both Pairs will easily take you from day to night!

On a personal note, I have been unwell!  I even went to the ER.  What I learned is that I should carry a very small carry on in the trunk of my car.  Extra clothing is always a good idea.  Especially for an impromptu trip to the hospital!  Can’t wait to shop for an inexpensive carry on for the trunk of my car.


Pearl Earrings

Hi Everyone!  Sorry I have been gone for a while!  I’ve been sad about all the natural disasters out there.  I Pray that everyone is well!  It’s times like these that make you reflect about what is really important in Life.  God, Family , health.  I am grateful for all 3 of these!  Please choose what you are grateful for in your life and give thanks.  I realize we don’t all believe in the same things.  That’s fine, but we can still be grateful for what we do have!

On to earrings, I purchased these Marco Bicego earrings about 4 monthes ago.  I tried to lie to my sisters and said that they were not a new purchase!  I tried to say they were an old pair that my Mother gave me.  It didn’t work.  They know I’m a degenerate shopper!  I got them at a really good price on Gilt!