The Piano Teacher

The Piano Teacher, not to be confused with The Piano, is one of my favorite films!    It is in French starring Isabelle Huppert, Benoit Magimel and Annie Girardot.  It is directed by Michael Haneke.  Isabelle Huppert and Benoit Magimel won best actors at the Cannes Film Festival 2001.

The movie is based on the book, La Pianiste by Elfriede Jelinek.  She won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004.  It is one of my favorite books.

I really reccomend both the movie and the book.  My review in a very concise nutshell is that 2 people with issues hooked up.  It was not how she thought it would be and he didn’t think he was capable.  Not your average boy meets girl movie!  Of course there is a lot more to the movie and the book than that!

La Pianiste by Elfriede Jelinek.
I liked the music so much I bought the soundtrack.

Laurence Coste Earrings

My sister recently went to London, England.  She knows I Love Tatler magazine .  She brought me a copy of the July 2017 issue.

The July issue of Tatler featured earrings by Laurence Coste.  I am always interested in all jewelry designers, foreign and domestic.  So yes, I looked up Laurence Coste!

She is a Parisian jewelry designer that according to Tatler Magazine, is really big with Chelsea Girls.  Pictured are my picks.  The earrings are available for pierced and non pierced ears.

Laurence Coste Fleur Earrings
Laurence Coste Dali Earrings


Her Website also features Laurence’s cool blog!  Check it out.  The Brand looks so fun , sophisticated and cosmopolitan all at once!

Pan Am Bags

Today I had the pleasure of going to Barnes&Noble.  I love B&N!  There are so few bookstores now.  I like to purchase European fashion magazines.

The Pan Am Innovator Bag

I saw a woman at B&N with a Pan Am handbag.  I fell in Love with the bag.  I have a soft spot for flight bags.  The woman said that her husband purchased it online.  Pictured here is my choice, the Pan Am Innovator Bag.  Available for purchase at .

Eileen Fisher Sneaker Sandals

Eileen Fisher Sneaker Sandals purchased online at Neiman Marcus.

My Sisters came to visit this weekend.  My 2nd sister was wearing gorgeous Eileen Fisher Sneaker Sandals.  I fell in LOVE!  Her sandals are taupe and suede, just so comfortable looking.  She doesn’t know it yet, but I bought a pair too!  Mine are pewter colored leather from Neiman’s.  I can’t wait to wear them!

Earrings Under 4 grams

I purchased these earrings at different times.   All purchased at Barney’s.   They all weigh under 4 grams!  I can wear them comfortably all day long!  They take me from day to night.

The Centaurus Star Studs are by Ileana Makri.  The middle are by Roberto Marroni, 18k white gold.  The bottom are by Irene Neuwirth, 18k and chrysoprase.  Each pair has a special place in my heart.

Ippolita Earrings and Ring

These amethyst , Ippolita earrings and ring were purchased at different times.  Years apart actually!  I purchased the ring in 2008 .  The earrings I purchased for my birthday in 2016.

I’m very Happy with the ring.  The earrings I love but each weighs a little over 4.10 grams.  I had called Ippolita to ask about the weight .  I was told they weighed under 4 grams each with the clamp on.  I would have returned them , but Neiman Marcus went to a lot of trouble to get them for me.  The Ladies at Neiman’s Walnut Creek are especially helpful.  They make every shopping experience a pleasant experience!  I have made all my purchases by phone and have yet to meet them.  I have very little free time on my hands.  Work and Family obligations take most of time.  I really value the sales ladies at Neiman’s Walnut Creek!  Especially Nora!

J.Crew Earrings

This is another pair of fun J.Crew earrings.  I had planned to gift them to a friend.  I decided to keep them and bought the friend a different gift.   I Like that most of the stones have prongs.  The black ones on the sides don’t have prongs.  Also, the bottom stones swing.  Not crazy about the colors .  I Pray to have them made in 18k in the distant future.

Starter Earrings

I purchased these gorgeous costume earrings over 10 years ago.  I got them at Macy’s .  There truly is magic at Macy’s!

The earrings are brass, I believe.  They are made by Guess, believe it or not.  I have always liked my earrings to be more about design then just a gemstone.  Notice the earrings are mismatched.  Guess were really ahead of their time.   Each earring weighs under 3 grams.

Brown Sugar & Fig

I really enjoy wearing fragrance on a daily basis.  I apply fragrance after every bath, even on days off.

This weekend I am wearing Brown Sugar & Fig by Bath & Bodyworks.  They are having a semi-annual sale.  I made sure to stock up as this is one of their retired fragrances.  Hopefully, it will be made available again at the next sale.

I really LOVE Bath & Bodyworks!  All of the fragrances are long lasting.  Long Lasting is very important to me as I work long hours in a warehouse.  I use Bath & Bodyworks lotions and creams as a base for my fragrance.  The lotions tend to enhance the eau de toilettes that I wear.   I have been wearing Aqua Di Gioia lately with any fruity or oceanic lotion by Bath & Bodyworks.   I mix a fruity B&BW lotion with any fresh eau de toilette .   If I wear Candy by Prada, I would wear any vanilla lotion by B&BW.