Brown Sugar & Fig

I really enjoy wearing fragrance on a daily basis.  I apply fragrance after every bath, even on days off.

This weekend I am wearing Brown Sugar & Fig by Bath & Bodyworks.  They are having a semi-annual sale.  I made sure to stock up as this is one of their retired fragrances.  Hopefully, it will be made available again at the next sale.

I really LOVE Bath & Bodyworks!  All of the fragrances are long lasting.  Long Lasting is very important to me as I work long hours in a warehouse.  I use Bath & Bodyworks lotions and creams as a base for my fragrance.  The lotions tend to enhance the eau de toilettes that I wear.   I have been wearing Aqua Di Gioia lately with any fruity or oceanic lotion by Bath & Bodyworks.   I mix a fruity B&BW lotion with any fresh eau de toilette .   If I wear Candy by Prada, I would wear any vanilla lotion by B&BW.

Kate Spade Costume Earrings

I purchased these Kate Spade earrings online. I fell madly in love
with them! They are bigger than a nickel and weigh under 4 grams
each. They came in pink enamel with the gold color. I chose the white and gold pair.

These earrings remind me of Frivole Studs by Van Cleefs & Arpels. I have not researched the Frivole pair, don’t know the weight yet. I know they come in 2 sizes and are pricey. I would Love a pair! Until then, I will wear these Happily!

J.Crew Factory Earrings

I Purchased these two pairs of earrings at J.Crew Factory in Livermore, CA. I really like them. I want my costume earrings to look like costume. It’s more fun that way. I want my costume jewelry to be as over the top as possible!

The pineapple pair weigh under 4 grams each. I think they are really well made and are smaller than my Bella Jack pair. Unfortunately, one of the sparkly earrings weighs more than the other one! I should have brought my scale with me! One weighs under 4 grams and the other a little over 4 grams.

It’s important to keep a possible weight disparity in my mind. The earrings were sold out by the time i realized the difference in weight. I’m sure I would have been allowed to switch one.

David Yurman Studs

I Love David Yurman jewelry, especially DY earrings ! My only complaint is that they don’t list weights and refuse to give weights by phone or email. That makes it hard for me.
The earrings pictured were graciously provided by David
Yurman. I am so grateful and thank them so much!
The 1st pair are from the Crossover Collection. They are 11mm,
are available in 18k yellow gold, rose gold and in silver. These
earrings are too small for me but perfect for those who like smaller
earrings. The design is modern and gorgeous!
The 2nd pair are from the Sculpted Cable Collection. These studs come in 3 sizes, the 17mm is my size of choice. I’m just not sure on the weight.
Both pairs are a lot of drama for the dollar and will take you from day to night!

Parisian Chic Book Review

I Love books on fashion!  The Parisian Chic A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange with Sophie Gachet is one of my favorites.  Ines writes like she is writing to a friend.  It is a very charming books with illustrations and photos of Ines’ daughter, Nine.  Nine is featured in the 3rd chapter modeling clothes and accessories.  Like her Mother, she is very beautiful.

In this guide, Ines talks about rules which she says are also made to be broken.  She makes many suggestions on how to look and feel your best.  She also reviews her favorite places to eat and shop in Paris.

My favorite parts are when she writes about jewelry.  She mentions Dinh Van, Marie-Helene de Taillac and a shop called Adelline.

Edgy Pearls

I have a very hard time spending money on any gemstones under 7 on the Mohs scale!  I prefer any gemstones to be 7 and up.  However, I still love pearls and want a pair of pearl earrings desperately!

My problem is I am very picky.  I prefer that the pearls either be bezel set or have prongs.  No pearls set in silver.  I don’t want to accidently get silver polish on my pearls.

These pearl earrings by H.Stern fit my criteria and are on my list to purchase.  They have prongs, small diamonds, set in 18k noble gold.  I can also either wear as studs or attach the 2nd pearl for a dangly effect.  Also, the price is great considering you are getting two styles in one.  Not pictured is the clamp.  It is very charming.  H.Stern hung a little white sapphire charms to the earring clamps.