Birthday Earrings

I purchased this band new pair of Temple St Clair earrings from .   OakGem uses Affirm at checkout.  Yes, I purchased using Affirm.  No, this is NOT a sponsored post.

The earrings are 18k yellow gold, dime sized with light blue sapphires.  The light blue color is pretty neutral once I have them on.

I had to take a half day from work to sign for them.  My Father was not able to sign for them as he had a poker raffle to attend.  It worked out, my Father was able to take a small break, I cared for my Mother in his place and I signed for my beautiful earrings!



Sometimes, life is not all jewelry, handbags and shoes,  and not always glamorous!  There are little issues to care for that must be handled appropriately!

Disabilities, skin problems , diseases , paying for mundane yet very important things!

Every year, Praise The Lord, I pay my auto insurance in full .  I pay it using my tax return.  I would rather purchase handbags, shoes and jewelry!  However mundane auto insurance is, it’s important!

Sometimes, a loved one or someone you know has a skin problem because a roll on the belly doesn’t get enough air.  Dermoplast  will help keep problem areas clean.  Its an antibiotic spray you can purchase in most every first aid dept.  I bought it originally for my Father to spray on my Mother, should she have a cut.

Dermoplast works very well !  It is pricey depending on where you buy it.  I purchase ours at Target.  We use the red can.  I strongly reccomend Dermoplast!

Bella Jack Pineapple Studs


I think these earrings are very glamorous. The glamour factor is in their size. They are easily seen because of their size. L-front, R-back and front.

I was running really late for work one day last week! I still had a 25 min commute to work to make, buy lunch at In&Out, and have enough time to eat comfortably before work. I was in such a hurry that i forgot to put on my earrings! The horror! What to do?

Praise The Lord, there was no traffic and no long line at IN&Out! I managed to have enough time to stop at TJMaxx! I purchased these Bella Jack pineapple studs for $14.99 plus tax. I really like them, they are very light for the size. Each stud weighs a mere 3.35 grams with the clamp.

I like my costume jewelry to look like costume jewelry. I think these are beautiful, whimsical and summery. Although I would still wear them in the Winter.

I really enjoy shopping at TJMaxx. I refer to it as the Nordstrom of Manteca.


Sometimes, I don’t have the cash or credit on my cards to buy
earrings and things. That is when all of a sudden I run into a great
deal! But what to do??? That’s when AFFIRM comes to my rescue!

AFFIRM allows you to pay for purchases in easy to make monthly installments.     12 monthly payments and you know upfront how much interest you pay! Also,you can make your payments on your cellphone and iPad. Just download the app! AFFIRM even sends payment reminders via text and email.

Some online merchants offer AFFIRM at checkout. If the merchant doesn’t , you can apply for a virtual credit card .  The virtual credit card can only be used online. I have purchased using AFFIRM at Therealreal, Portero Luxury and Tiffany online. I Pray to buy a Gucci bag next using an Affirm virtual credit card. I Love AFFIRM!

New earrings and Dexter season premiere

I always want a new pair of earrings and am always on the lookout .  My birthday comes, I want a new pair.   4th of July, I want a new pair!  Unfortunately,   wanting isn’t always getting!

I really enjoyed watching Dexter and always wanted a new pair to wear for every season premiere.  I got lucky in 2013 and managed to get a new pair at a great price from Asia Gem Connection.   I Happily wore my grey sapphire and diamond pave studs and had some iced tea (my beverage of choice), and candy for the season 8 premiere.

Dexter is a very good show with lots of dark humor.  I enjoyed every season, some more than others of course.  Every villain was perfect for his/her role.  I Love that all the gory stuff happened off screen.  I’m squeamish and can’t stand gore.  The show is a journey that you experience with Dexter.  He dates, gets married, etc…  Watch it if you haven’t already.

Also, if you have specific jewelry design, contact Asia Gem Connection.  Jamie and Ellen are very helpful and will help fulfill your dream jewelry at a reasonable price.  They sell safety pin earrings in all gold karats and  in sterling silver with your pave of choice in your size of choice.

Be very specific and do your own research on gemstones and treatments.  I have researched regardless of whom I am dealing with.  The more communication you have regarding your order specifics, the Happier you will be with your piece!  Jamie and Ellen are great to work with!

Skyscraper Studs by Deborah Pagani

My Birthday is coming up and these Skyscraper Studs by Deborah Pagani are on my wishlist.  They are 18k yellow gold and white diamond pave and small baguettes.  I have yet to see them in person, but I am already certain they fit my earring criteria.  I would feel so glamorous wearing these!  Barney’s NY carries a small selection.  Deborah Pagani has the biggest selection .  I Hope (PRAY) to purchase at Barney’s NY.   Broken English in L.A also carry Deborah Pagani.

Deborah Pagani Skyscraper Studs.

H. Stern

My small Rock Season wing studs. Star detail on clamp!
Studs from The Pearls of Genesis Collection . Center, small studs from The Genesis Collection.
L- Wearing my small Rock Season wings. R- Large Rock Season wing studs.

I love H.Stern jewelry. I have a pair of small Rock Season earrings. They are very beautiful and light weight! Under 4 grams each. I just wish I could have them in 18k yellow gold with white diamond pave. They are so beautiful, I purchased as they are made, in Noble Gold with champagne diamond pave.

On my wish list are earrings from The Genesis Collection. I want the small 3 star cluster studs. These earrings also come in Noble Gold. Noble Gold is H. Stern’s own alloy. It is very beautiful, between yellow and white gold. That way you can mix with either metal.

I know some people feel that you only pay for the name when you purchase designer jewelry. What people don’t realize is that you pay for exquisite workmanship, great attention to detail and the designer’s own gold alloy.

I strongly suggest you examine and/ or buy a piece of jewelry from H.Stern and you will find that you purchased more than the name!