Costume Jewelry

My Kate Spade earrings.
My Kate Spade earrings.
My Kate Spade enamel earrings
My Kate Spade enamel earrings

Occasionally, I become enamored of costume jewelry earrings. Usually I find these beauties at Kate Spade.

Kate Spade has very charming, whimsical and well made costume jewelry . Kate Spade packaging is exquisite. The earrings come in little round boxes, like the one pictured here. So far I have purchased blue enamel sea horses, lady bugs and tiger heads. The tiger heads have a special place in my heart as they remind me of David Webb earrings.

The awesome thing about Kate Spade is that they list sizes and weights! Very big in my book!

Where I buy my earrings

Ileana Makri Centaurus Star Studs purchased at Barney’s New York.
Marco Bicego earrings purchased at Neiman's Last Call.
Marco Bicego earrings purchased at Neiman’s Last Call.

I buy my earrings in many different places. I really enjoy the selection at Barney’s New York and Neiman Marcus and Neiman Marcus Last Call.

I purchased my all time favorite pair at Barney’s for my birthday. They are the Centaurus Star Studs by Ileana Makri. Ileana and Jon A at  Barney’s were kind enough to discuss the weight (under 4 grams with the clamps on!) and special order them. I had them made in 18k yellow gold with yellow diamond pave. The combination of the yellow gold and yellow diamonds give a neon effect . Also, they are neutral and I can wear them year round.
They are 16mm, almost as big as a dime.  The sales people at Barney’s NY at Beverly Hills are especially helpful.  They will send additional photos if requested.  Ask for Jon A!

My best purchase of the year was made at Last Call! I was able to purchase a pair of multi color sapphire studs by Marco Bicego. The earrings are also under 4 grams with clamps on. The best part is that they are almost the size of a nickel.

Online, I like to buy from The RealReal and Oak Gem and Gilt. I ESPECIALLY LOVE that The RealReal and Oak Gem list earrings weights as well as dimensions.  They  provide the weight in grams.  Just be sure to read the return policy in the event you change your mind!

Earring weights and scales

I prefer that all my earrings weigh under 4 grams each.  With the clamp on if the earrings are studs.  I prefer that all my earrings be from 16mm to 20mm.  The problem is the bigger the earring, the more weight.  Depending on the design of course.

I always want the gemstone to have an open back.  The metal backing will add more weight.  If the earrings are pave, I want to see the pave in the back.  The lighter the earring, the longer you can wear them and get your money’s worth.  Also, your ears will be in better shape after you take your earrings off.

A US dime is 17.91 mm and weighs 2.268 grams.  A US nickel weighs 5 grams and is 21.21 mm.  I use this as a guide for size and weights.

I have a scale too!  I am VERY serious about  weights.  I have purchased too many pairs that were too heavy.  Trust me, your ears will not adjust to the weight.  They will hurt and will not look so pretty after you remove your earrings.

My scale is a AWS Digital Pocket Scale.  Sometimes I take it with me when I earring shop.

Earrings, necklaces and rings

I LOVE earrings, they are my favorite type of jewelry to wear.  You can put them and forget about them, if you are wearing a lightweight pair.  They can take you from day to night , work to cocktails, and frame your face.   I favor studs and dangles.

I prefer yellow gold because the color of the metal stays the same and no maintenance is required.  I am very low maintenance.  I buy silver earrings occasionally if the earring is spectacular.

I Love necklaces too, but they would wind up competing with my earrings and I can’t have that.  I will feature necklaces that I would love to buy if I had the extra cash.  I always feel that my money is better spent on earrings.

I don’t have too many rings. I work in a warehouse packing auto parts and would only ding  them to death.  Then I would be heartbroken.  I will feature a few rings here and there as well as share photos of the few that I own.

I believe that women should buy their own jewelry and not wait around for someone to buy it for them.  The wait may be long!  I hate to wait.  Ladies, do not be afraid of buying fine jewelry!  If you buy the right pieces, you get a lot of wear out of your jewelry.  Also, your jewelry goes everywhere with you.  You park your car and put down your handbag.  Your shoes are way down there, gotta look down.  Your jewelry is center stage and goes where you go!