Safety Pin Earrings From Asia Gem Connection

18k yellow gold with pink sapphires.
Double sided black diamond pave. 18k rose gold.

How luxurious are these safety pin earrings?  They can be made in any karat you want, in sterling silver, white , rose, and yellow gold.  They can even be made in platinum!  Your gemstone of choice too!  Size preference too!  My pair will be 3/4 of an inch.

The prices and quality are excellent!  I have priced safety pin earrings made in precious metals and can honestly say the prices are outstanding!  AGC provides free international shipping.  Contact AGC and order a pair.  All photos via@asiagemconnection.

!8k yellow gold with tsavorites.
18k white gold.

Safety Pin Earrings From Gillian Conroy

I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Gillian Conroy shop in New York yet.  I would love to visit NY and her shop.  I have had the pleasure of visiting her website.  I Love it!  It is very informative and charming.  I don’t own any of her jewelry yet!  These safety pin earrings are at the top of my list!  They are edgy and classic at the same time.  The classic part is that they are round at the bottom so they sit like a hoop.  The safety pin earring is sold as a single so if you want a pair buy 2.  Gillian offers her earrings in different metals too!  I have many more Gillian Conroy picks, more on those later!

If you live in NY, go to her shop!  If you cant make it there, please visit her website!

Photo via Gillian Conroy Website.
Photo via Gillian Conroy Website.