Temple St Clair Earrings

I have this pair of Temple St Clair earrings in the light blue sapphires.  However, I have always wanted this version.  These earrings have mixed color, rose cut sapphires.  They are available by special order from Temple St Clair.  Temple St Clair will special order items that aren’t currently being made.  I Love a jeweler that will work with you!

18k Spiral Cluster Earrings.
Photo via Temple St Clair.

Birthday Earrings

I purchased this band new pair of Temple St Clair earrings from OakGem.com .   OakGem uses Affirm at checkout.  Yes, I purchased using Affirm.  No, this is NOT a sponsored post.

The earrings are 18k yellow gold, dime sized with light blue sapphires.  The light blue color is pretty neutral once I have them on.

I had to take a half day from work to sign for them.  My Father was not able to sign for them as he had a poker raffle to attend.  It worked out, my Father was able to take a small break, I cared for my Mother in his place and I signed for my beautiful earrings!